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Tuesday, August 28th, 2007
11:55 pm
Seems like the community got stalled.. I've been pondering how to kick it going again and have come up with some craft suggestions. Would it be cool if I post a challenge next sunday?
Monday, August 6th, 2007
1:58 am
Without knowing it, snowwolf75 and I both chose red as our colors. He submitted a really cool firey art project, and I've been working on my own red project all week. I, however, didn't make the deadline (that I set myself!), while Snowy rocked it and finished on time.

My take on red has been this dragon, who I've grown to love over the week. He's been a lot of fun, and I hate having to wait for the paper mache to dry between stages! I just want to work on it!

Head: polymer clay over tinfoil, white fiberoptic beads for eyes, glass fangs, horns are made out of seal teeth.
Body: paper mache over a bailing wire frame
Legs: polymer clay over bailing wire, glass claws
Wings: paper mache over bailing wire wrapped with masking tape

The whole thing will be primed with gesso (a thick white sort of acrylic). I am going to put a base coat of red paint over all of the paper mache, and then cover the body with scales cut out of paper. The membranes in the wings will be made with several layers of red tissue paper fused together with spray adhesive. Hopefully all of the paper mache will be cured by tomorrow, and I can start the finish work.

I've also started a blue dragon, in a different pose.

Five in-progress pictures insideCollapse )
Sunday, August 5th, 2007
9:42 pm
My theme was 'red'

Feather Fire - Detail
Detail of the feathers making up the main body of the piece. Had I used the flash on the camera, it would've oversaturated it.
Feather Fire - Detail
Feather Fire - Failure
One of the previous attempts... I deemed it a failure, so I partially burned it. Since it was taken after nightfall, the blackness (of the street behind) gave a nice background for the wisps of smoke.
Feather Fire - Failure
Feather Fire - Main
While it was supposed to be flames comprised of feathers, it turned out to look like a feathery hand/paw. Still, it emphasized the red theme I was going for.
Feather Fire - Main

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Tuesday, July 31st, 2007
5:58 pm
2:41 pm
Welcome to the Craft of the Week club! Every week the group will be presented with a crafting theme, and given the rest of the week to create their masterpieces.

Members are strongly encouraged to work outside of their normal comfort zone. If you are great at drawing and fill sketchbook after sketchbook, apply that talent in a new way, such as drawing on a wooden box and coloring it using acrylic paints. If you can crochet circles around everyone in your neighborhood, get out the glue gun and wrap a flower vase with interesting yarns from your collection. Those are just examples, but the point of this challenge is to step out of your normal crafting track and try something new!

Crafting week from Tue, July 31 to Sun, Aug 5

This week's challenge: Create something, anything, based on the idea of one color. For instance, knit a scarf using different green yarns. Paint a picture of a dog only in shades of purple. Cast a batch of soaps that smell like blue, however you envision it!
The possibilities are limitless, and I know you all have wonderful imaginations.

Crafts can be posted all throughout the week, although they are absolutely due by the end of Sunday night. Next week's craft will be announced sometime Sunday, and then it will all begin anew.
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