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My Toll Awaits

Without knowing it, snowwolf75 and I both chose red as our colors. He submitted a really cool firey art project, and I've been working on my own red project all week. I, however, didn't make the deadline (that I set myself!), while Snowy rocked it and finished on time.

My take on red has been this dragon, who I've grown to love over the week. He's been a lot of fun, and I hate having to wait for the paper mache to dry between stages! I just want to work on it!

Head: polymer clay over tinfoil, white fiberoptic beads for eyes, glass fangs, horns are made out of seal teeth.
Body: paper mache over a bailing wire frame
Legs: polymer clay over bailing wire, glass claws
Wings: paper mache over bailing wire wrapped with masking tape

The whole thing will be primed with gesso (a thick white sort of acrylic). I am going to put a base coat of red paint over all of the paper mache, and then cover the body with scales cut out of paper. The membranes in the wings will be made with several layers of red tissue paper fused together with spray adhesive. Hopefully all of the paper mache will be cured by tomorrow, and I can start the finish work.

I've also started a blue dragon, in a different pose.

Red dragon project, posing with the 2007 Comic-Con exclusive My Little Pony. He's a big dragon!

Front view

Side view.

Rear view.

Top view.

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