My Toll Awaits (malytwotails) wrote in weeklycraft,
My Toll Awaits

Starting my project...

These are glass beads that I'm using for the claws on my figure. I have a few other colors, and I hope to use them on future projects. They're just so perfect!

December had to investigate the wire frame I'm using for my dragon. Look how FAT she is now! The leg joints are wrapped with masking tape.

Feeeeet! These are made with polymer clay, each has four claws/toes. I textured the skin using hanks of seed beads pressed against it. The result was a really neat texture without any plan or symmetry.

Wire frame with the feet. They've been baked on, and now I'm going to start wrapping it with crumpled paper before coating the body in paper mache. The head will be sculpted with more polymer clay. I'm not sure what the final pose will be on this guy, I guess I'll just go with the flow.

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