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weeklycraft's Journal

Craft of the Week
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Welcome to the Craft of the Week club! Every week the group will be presented with a crafting theme, and given the rest of the week to create their masterpieces.

Members are strongly encouraged to work outside of their normal comfort zone. If you are great at drawing and fill sketchbook after sketchbook, apply that talent in a new way, such as drawing on a wooden box and coloring it using acrylic paints. If you can crochet circles around everyone in your neighborhood, get out the glue gun and wrap a flower vase with interesting yarns from your collection. Those are just examples, but the point of this challenge is to step out of your normal crafting track and try something new!

Crafting week from Tue, July 31 to Sun, Aug 5

This week's challenge: Create something, anything, based on the idea of one color. For instance, knit a scarf using different green yarns. Paint a picture of a dog only in shades of purple. Cast a batch of soaps that smell like blue, however you envision it!

Crafts can be posted all throughout the week, although they are absolutely due by the end of Sunday night. Next week's craft will be announced sometime Sunday, and then it will all begin anew.